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CCTV and IP Camera:
Hadron Tech offers Planning, Implementation and Training (PIT) of a Video Surveillance Network (VSN). We are vender agnostic and rely on the products that are going to fit our customers’ needs and within their budget. Hadron Tech can perform PIT on analog and IP based video cameras. We regionalize and centralize the video surveillance network across the campus.

In the new world of IP cameras those cameras are available for viewing via nearly any IP ready device. The Video can indeed be ported to any place in the world; the only limit is the connectivity to the Security Network Segment.

Video Management Solutions -
A Central Station is simply a facility charged with the operation, management, monitoring, and collection of Video Surveillance Data. Alarms are generated into a Central Station where trained personnel qualify the event, and respond with the appropriate pre-determined action and see the event through to resolution. Hadron Tech offers both Design Build Services where your Central Station is built out for your personnel to monitor the video streams and alarm generations. Hadron Tech also offers outsourced Central Station where our professional staff monitors the video and alerts your staff of events and works them to resolution.

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