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With the raising of theft and destruction that cost businesses millions of rupees every year. Hadron Techs Security system on your surface, can have an exceedingly effective and within your means tool against these offenses. Our Video Surveillance solutions can help you better prevent theft, become aware of deceptive liability claims and document events so that your entire business can be more protected. Having immense experience in providing a range of surveillance solutions, which has help us in giving a strong contribution in analyzing various cases studies where the system integrators require our expertise to handle very complex IP based or Non-IP based camera solutions. Pre-Implementation assistance like site survey and network architecture designing are support provided to our client.

We are specialize in use of surveillance techniques business plan consulting and can help in developing surveillance plan from start to finish involving different tools, techniques and stages. We also design and developed various solution to improve employee productivity and several other business efficiencies. Hadron Techs solutions are easily customizable, easily scalable, and easily meet the expense by valuing your business objectives. Hadron Techs Security system has custom-made packages for various sizes of businesses to deliver effective equipment and services at affordable prices.

Hadron Techs teams are specialized in designing, deploying, and monitoring Security and Tracking systems. Our team will support in integrating various systems such as wireless technologies, critical condition monitoring, intrusion, access control, data encryption, closed circuit television (CCTV), Internet Protocol Camera (IP-Camera). The experience that Hadron Techs has acquired in deploying numerous security systems has continues to add value-added service to our esteem customer worldwide.


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